10/01/2018 20:57

HI Cameroon,

We are updating our Lottery license with Ministry of Territorial Administration, we will be ready for later this Month January 2018.

We are not active yet, however new sign ups can enter the free promo game, mobile money will be activated in before launch for regular games.

Affiliates, now is a good time to start promoting the games. When you create your account you will see in main section your affiliate link. Go and share that link on social networks, email, whatsapp groups, encourage people to sign up. You will win money on every ticket sale and game won by ticket buyers your bring inf or life. Early promoters make the most money.

Over next few weeks and months you will see Loterie.cm promotions thoughout Cameroon.

So many Cameroonians are going to win Milliards, with Loterie.cm, faster players buy tickets the faster the winners are paid out.